Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Boy Who Blinked

     The original inhabitants of Galifrey developed space flight before the internal combustion engine. It took them a hundred years from the founding of their first interplanetary colony to move their entire civilization to that planet. Another five hundred before inter-galatic travel was possible and within a thousand years of their first flight they were gone. Their home planet grew wild, their system silent. It wasn't just them either. Every sentient species in that galaxy developed space travel far faster than any other and eventually everyone fled. 
     Why? What was the reason behind this mass exodus? What had gnawed at the minds of these creatures until they were driven away from home and hearth, flinging themselves into the cold dark of space?
     The Untempered Schism, a thing that is wrong. A tear in space into the heart of time. It was a crisis set into stone, a danger with a name. Even races that had never seen it were afraid. In those places it was called things like "The Cold Night" or the "The Black Whisper." And if they had ever traveled to Galefrey and seen the thing, they would have shouted the name it was known by, for it had always been felt.
     Then the Time Lords came. They saw a galaxy devoid of life and wondered why. With a growing fear in their hearts they looked at the world an entire universe had turned a blind eye to. They came to Galifrey and found the Schism and they looked into the vortex with eyes wide open. On that day the Time Lords were born and they adopted Galifrey as their own.
     After that, it became a tradition that young Galifreyans on the cusp of adulthood would look unblinkingly into the Schism, proving to themselves and the whole universe that they were indeed the lords of time.
     But, then one day, something happened, something that would prove to be their destruction, and their salvation. A boy, a normal Galefrayan boy, looked into the Untempered Schism as his father's father's father had, but he did something no Time Lord had ever done. He blinked. Then he ran and he hasn't stopped. He runs around in his little blue box, commiting the worse acts of courage all in the hopes of proving that he is not afraid. But, he is. He's afraid of being like them and being without them. He hates his people and he misses them terribly. He is the mad Doctor. See how he runs!

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